T-shirt Chair “Rag Edition”, is like a large colorful rag rug, an easy chair made of left over clothes or rags. Every chair has its own unique color and texture combination. The textiles can be individually replaced with worn clothes and textiles from your surroundings, and in that way the T-shirt Chair will evolve and collect history over time – an almost ‘eternal’ piece of furniture… The frame actually has life time warranty used indoors.
In the “Rag Edition” we upholster using left-over fabric pieces from the sofa manufacturing, in a selected ‘all-color’-mix.
  • Socially crafted at YallaTrappan, Rosengård, Malmö.
  • Upholstery with waste furniture fabrics from Bogesunds (or by reusing your own worn clothes or fabrics).
  • Every piece of the upholstery can be removed and washed or changed creating a historical document over time – a ‘slow-blog’ of your life…
  • A birch tree for furniture production planted for every meter bench sold Green Furniture Plantation
Steel / Cotton

Powder coated black

T-shirts / left over fabric / left over fabric custom coloured / sent-in fabric


Measurement (mm):
Width: 500
Height: 778
Seating-height: 400
Depth: 1000
Seating-depth: 460


Maria Westerberg

Maria Westerberg graduated in 2008 from Konstfack’s Interior Architecture and Furniture design. Since then she has made a recycle interior collection for the store Indiska, made conceptual installations in fridges for a landscape architect office in Berlin, started her own design/interior studio in Stockholm, are attending exhibitions with her aware, expressive and playful designs, and hosting a Swedish TV show for children with the concept of making new things from old toys. Significant of her work is organic shapes, using materials in a new context and often very colorful. Her most famous work, featured in almost every Swedish magazine and also in the international press, is “T-shirt Chair” the winner of Green Furniture Award 2011, now in production by Green Furniture Sweden.